Exceleration Memberships 

All athletes are required to register for a FREE Exceleration Membership through our website.

We are using a Canadian based, eCommerce platform for activities and recreation, called Amilia. This system will allow us to better communicate with you about changes to our programs and special activities. In addition, our staff will have access to class lists and emergency contact information. Your Exceleration Membership (with registration through Amilia) will also allow you to complete our waivers online and register for future events like our annual Tri-it-Tri. This membership is valid until the Aug 30th of the year you sign up. The good news? Those pesky waivers only need to be completed once each year. 

Once you have an account with Amilia, please download the Amilia app and your athletes’  schedule will be at your fingertips on your mobile device. More than one athlete? We’ve got you covered, with all of your athletes schedules in one place – the Amilia app. 

Get your required Free Membership

Free Membership 2023-2024
Price: FREE!

This is a free membership that is required to participate in our programs. Having a membership allows Exceleration staff and coaches to communicate with you throughout the session about weekly schedules, important events, class changes, and cancellations. This membership is also how you will complete your Exceleration waivers. This Membership lasts all year, from September 2023 – August 2024.