Exceleration will host it’s Annual General Meeting at 5:15pm on November 7, 2018.  The meeting will be held in the Mini Multi-Purpose room at Templeton Pool – 700 Templeton Drive, Vancouver.

Notice of 2018 AGM and agenda WORD

Coaching and Operations AGM Report Nov 7 2018

Board Report 2018 AGM

2018 08 31 Bal Sht FINAL – Nov 2-18

2017-18 P&L FINAL – Nov 2-18

Important Happenings at the board meeting:

Election of Board Positions

President (2 year term)

Treasurer (2 year term)

Volunteer Coordinator (2 year term)

KOS Representative (1 year term)

Adventure Tri Representative (1 year term)

Note: interested parties may also join the board meetings as Members at Large.


Why does Exceleration have an Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Exceleration is a non-profit organization.  We are also a program within the Hastings Community Centre “family”.  As a non-profit, Exceleration has access to many services and benefits through Triathlon BC and ViaSport.  This also allows us to apply and receive provincial gaming funding.  Currently we receive approximately 20% of our operating funds from gaming.

All non-profit organizations must have a board of directors.  Our board over sees the direction of the club, develops the contracts for all the coaches, organizes events through-out the year, and sets policy and procedures for the benefit of all Exceleration Members.  Board members and information.

Why we need you?

We are a volunteer run club.  Our coaches are paid to coach but the administration and directions is done by the members (parents of athletes).

Why attend the AGM?

You get to meet the awesome board and your presence will give us quorum.  Qourum is the min. number of members that need to attend to make decisions.  If we have qourum then we can elect a new board and have all the benefits of a non-profit organization.  If we do not get qourum, then we need to re-hold the AGM until we do.