A very rainy day for all racers at the first triathlon race of the 2017 season.  Lots of smiles with only a little bit of shivering.


Short Distance

  • Emma Jean Neal – 1st Overall, 1st Female, 1st U20 Female
  • Gabrielle Bourgault-Kennaley – 3rd Overall, 2nd Female, 2nd U20 Female
  • Mackay McIntosh (under David McIntosh) – 28th Overall, 16th Male, 1st U20 Male
  • Aza Bryson – 32nd Overall, 16th Female, 5th U20 Female

Sprint Distance

  • Kai Antle – 50th Overall, 38th Male, 3rd U20 Male
  • David McIntosh – 78th Overall, 54th Male, 2nd 40-44 Male


  • Kathryn McIntosh – 19th Overall, 7th Female, 2nd 45-49 Female