6 Exceleration Athletes attended the Surrey Indoor Triathlon this past weekend. We had some amazing results with Josh and Kai winning their age groups and Ben third.

Results (Alphabetical by First Name):

  • Anna – 2nd in Youth Swim, 4th in Youth Run
  • Ben – 3rd in the Youth Overall, 1st in Youth Run, 4th in Youth Swim
  • Felix – 3rd in Youth Swim, 6th in Youth Run
  • Grace – 5th in Youth Swim, 8th in Youth Run
  • Josh – 1st in the Youth Overall, 1st in Youth Swim, 2nd in Youth Run
  • Kai – 1st in 20-29 Age Group, 1st in Adult Swim, 4th in Adult Run

Race Format: 20 min Swim, 30 min Bike, 20 min Run – Note: I have not reported on the bike. The bike was actually how fast you could spin the pedals (no factor for pressure or speed, so was very confusing and not everyone knew this)

Exceleration Overall: Top 5 Furthest Youth Swims, 4 of 5 furthest Youth Runs