Exceleration loaded up a couple of cars, vans, and trailers to head over to Victoria for an awesome Kids of Steel Race that was part of the Youth Super Series.


U23 Draft Legal – 47 Athletes

Carsten Lapointe – 2nd Overall, 2nd Male, 2nd in Category

EmmaJean Neal – 15th Overall, 4th Female, 2nd in Category

Charles Yan – 18th Overall, 13th Male, 5th in Category

Rebecca Wong – 29th Overall, 12th Female, 7th in Category

Benjamin Wye – 31st Overall, 19th Male, 8th in Category

Josh Staiger – 32nd Overall, 20th Male, 9th in Category

Anna Gustafson – 34th Overall, 13th Female, 8th in Category

Kai Antle – 35th Overall, 22nd Male, 8th in Category

Mackay McIntosh – 36th Overall, 23rd Male, 11th in Category

Marlo Naish – 39th Overall, 15th Female, 6th in Category

Isabella Wehner – 43rd Overall, 19th Female, 10th in Category

Isabella McBride – 44th Overall, 20th Female, 11th in Category

Shubham Mohapatra – 45th Overall, 25th Male, 13th in Category

Grace Milley – Did Not Finish the Run (Stress Fracture)


Ages 14-17 – 16 Athletes

Guillaume Goudie – 6th Overall, 4th Male, 4th in Category


Ages 12-13 – 27 Athletes

Quillan Gall – 2nd Overall, 1st Female, 1st in Category

Kiera Robertson – 16th Overall, 8th Female, 8th in Category