Be Prepared

We recommend that you use a special bag for all your triathlon gear and keep everything together so you are prepared for every practice.

All practices

  • Bag or backpack for your stuff
  • Water bottle
  • Snack
  • Change of clothes for afterward
  • Identification & emergency medical contact information

Swim practices

  • swimsuit
  • goggles (recommended)
  • towel
  • hair elastic and/or a swim cap
  • fins (for YOS, Youth, & EX groups)
  • Finis Agility Paddles (Youth & EX Groups)

Cycling practices

  • Bike – any kind of 2-wheeled bicycle (mountain, road, etc.)
  • Approved and UNDAMAGED helmet that fits and is less than 5 years old. Check your helmet. 
  • Bicycle water bottle
  • Bicycle Lock
  • Weather appropriate clothing (gloves, windbreaker, extra layers)
  • Lights are required when it gets dark
  • Bring your OWN spare tire to fit your bike and/or patch kit, tire levers and a bike pump.
  • Optional cycling shoes & pedals
  • Small backpack for snacks and runners

Running practices, outdoor activities and games

  • Running shoes (sandals and rain boots are NOT acceptable running gear)
  • Weather appropriate clothing (gloves/mitts, hat, windbreaker, etc.)
  • Extra dry clothes for afterward if it is raining
  • Reflective clothing or reflective ankle band for running after dark


  • Be familiar with KOS race rules.
  • All of the things mentioned above for the swim, bike and run.
  • Optional gear to speed up transitions:
    • elastic laces for running shoes
    • swim/run/bike shirt eliminates wasteful change time (shirt or swim top is mandatory on bike & run)
    • race belt makes it easy to put on race number after the swim
  • Race package from race organizers (race numbers, pins, maps of the course)
  • TriBC membership card
  • Extra water bottle & towel for before/after race (in addition to what you have for the race)
  • Extra shoes/sandals/crocs to wear while your runners are set up in the transition area
  • Sunscreen
  • Wetsuit for chilly ocean or lake swims
  • Snacks for pre-race, mid-race, and post-race (choose snacks you use in training)
  • A black permanent marker to mark your belongings (things get mixed in transitions)

Transitions, race belts and more, click here to learn more about triathlon lingo.