The 2nd annual Duel in the Pool happened this past Sunday (December 18, 2016) between the defending champions Yellow team and the challenger Red team.

The racing started with a 400 free followed by: 25 Free, 100 Kick, 50 Free, 100 IM, 25 Kick, 100 Free, 50 Fly

In the end, Red team was victorious.

Special Thanks to all the volunteers.

Photo’s are on our new photo page here.  Note: you will need a member login for access (if you need to get access or need help, email Kris at

2016 Duel Meet Results

Red Team

Yellow Team

Alina Chow Aimee Shannon
Aza Bryson Anika Van
Elliot Hildebrand Annabella Stoll-Dansereau
EmmaJean Neal Ari Blondal
Hannah Milic Carsten Lapointe
Jacob Hildebrand Charlotte Campbell
Mackay Mcintosh Clara Celler
Marina Demuth David Mcintosh
Mark Johnston Elise Leroux
Marlo Naish Felix Celler
Megan Johnston Isabella Wehner
Mika Patten Kai Antle
Rachel Williams Koah Schebel
Rebecca Wong Maja Celler
Shivam Mohapatra Rayne Schebel
Timothy Hildebrand Rowyn Morgan
Sandy Eix
Scott Williams
Tim Shannon
Zachary Stoll-Dansereau