Youth, Junior, & U23 Resource Page

A grouping of important links for the Youth (grade 8-10), Junior (10-12+), and U23 (20-23 years old).

Generally Awesome Links

TriBC Registration Link:!/events/exceleration-multi-sport-and-triathlon-club-2024

I update the practices/calendar every week.  These will have what we are doing (may change due to weather or other conditions).  You can also subscribe by clicking the + sign at the bottom.
RPE Input:
Feedback from the athletes is critical to provide the best coaching I can.  We use a simple online Relative Perceived Exertion (RPE) database to track and assess training.  All athletes are asked to fill this out after practices (even practices outside Exceleration).  This tool will help me plan for practice.
The basic YTP for the Juniors.
The basic YTP for the Youth

Racing Groups

We have a large group, so I generally think of the athletes in streams.
Youth (Grade 8-10)
  • Fitness – just wants to be fit.  May or may not race (I encourage you to try our race)
  • Competitive – Racing, BC Games (2024 – grade 8-10), Victoria Travel
  • National – Racing at National Level, BC Games (2024 – grade 8-10), Victoria, plus other national races
Junior (Grade 10-12+)
  • Fitness – just want to be fit.  May or may not race (I encourage trying our race)
  • Competitive – Racing Local/Provincial
  • National – Racing at National Level, National Race
  • Continental – Racing National Events plus some USAT races
  • International – Racing International Events, trying to make the Canadian World Team

Upcoming Events

Jan 21 – Indoor Triathlon Champs (Kamloops) – Tentative if people want, for Anyone
Mar 9 – UBC Triathlon (Early Registration Open) – for Youth-Comp, Youth-National, Junior-Comp, Junior-National, Junior-Continental
Mar 8 – North American Championships (Miami, Fl) – Junior-International (need invite)
Apr 21 – Sun Run (Team Name: Exceleration; Team Code: HHONUF) – For Everyone
April 28 – Draft Clinic (for those needing to get draft certified)
May 4 & 5 – Victoria Mad Moto (super series)
May 5 – Sasamatt Swim/Run (fun event)
May 20 – North Shore Triathlon – recommended for Youth-Comp (KOS: 12-15), Youth-National (Draft), Junior-Comp (Junior), Junior-National (Draft), Junior-Continental (Draft) – good race to just tryout (well supported and lots of divisions)
Jun 9 – Victoria Triathlon – Team Travel event (stay in dorms) for Youth-Comp (U15 Super Series), Youth-National (U15 Super Series), Junior-Comp (Junior Super Series), Junior-National (Junior Super Series), Junior-Continental (Junior Super Series) – a very fun race that we attend as a group.  Youth/Junior Competition may enjoy doing the non-drafting 14-17 division.
Jun 16 – Exceleration’s Tri It Triathlon – for everyone – register in your division.  Note: we have a less extreme division for more fitness-based athletes.
Jun 22 – BC Provincial Championships – Youth-Comp, Youth-National, Junior-Comp, Junior-National, Junior-Continental, Junior-International
July 6 – Saskatchewan Provincial Championship – Youth-National (including BC Games athletes), Junior-National (cost – roughly $550 for flights+$100 for bike transport<may be cheaper in the future>, Accommodation & Transport being investigated)
July 13-14 – Eastern Regional Championships (Magog, QC) – Junior-National, Junior-Continental
July 18-21 – BC Sumer Games (Need to Qualify – Grades 8-10) – North Shore will be our primary qualifier – Expression of Interest is required.
Aug 17 – Quebec Provincial Championships (Valleyfield, QC) – Junior-Continental (maybe), Junior-International (Maybe)
Aug 24-25 – Western Regional Championships (Edmonton) – Youth-National, Junior-National, Junior-Continental, Junior-International
Aug 31 – Ontario Draft Legal Provincial Championships (Welland, On) – Junior-Continental (maybe), Junior-International (Maybe)
Sept 7-8 – Canadian Junior Nationals – Junior Aged (grade 10+) – National Level – note: need to qualify by attending Provincial championships and one regional championship (either Magog or Edmonton)

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