Wow, what a weekend of racing for Exceleration. I will try to get all the results – please email me if I missed someone.

Results can be found here:

Ages 5-7 (not ranked)
Arissa Akbanie
Isla Pescitelli
Jacob Stock
Jordan Tam

Ages 8-11 (not ranked)
Rayhan Akbanie
Dylan Beese
Austin Beese
Mila Braustein
Felix Celler
Matthew Chow
Michael Chow
Nicholas Chung
Jake Lecovin
Lukas Musselman
Miles Oldknow
Kaeden Pescitelli
Joshua Tam
Nate Taschereau

Ages 12-15 (ranked)
Benjamin Wye – 3rd Overall, 2nd Male, 2nd Male 15
Dash Ervin – 10th Overall, 6th Male, 1st Male 12
Felix Stock – 14th Overall, 9th Male, 4th Male 13
Emilia Thrift – 18th Overall, 7th Female, 4th Female 13
Quillan Gall – 21st Overall, 9th Female, 3rd Female 12
Kiera Robertson – 29th Overall, 11th Female, 4th Female 12
Nora Heselgrave – 31st Overall, 12 Female, 6th Female 13
Elise Leroux – 36th Overall, 15th Female, 2nd Female 14
Griffen Oldknow – 39th Overall, 23rd Male, 5th Male 15
George Babyuk – Missed one lap on the bike, would have been around 25-26th Overall

Youth Draft Legal (ranked)
Mackay McIntosh – 12th Male

Junior Draft Legal (ranked) – U23 removed
Emmajean Neal – 3rd Female
Anna Gustafson – 8th Female
Grace Milley – 9th Female
Rebecca Wong – 10th Female

U23 Draft Legal – removed from Junior Results
Carsten Lapointe – 1st Male

16+ Athletes (ranked)
Charles Yan – 32nd Overall, 27th Male, 1st Male 16-19
Koach Kristine – 40th Overall, 9th Female, 2nd Female 40-44
Kai Antle – 68th Overall, 50th Male, 4th Male 16-19
Joshua Tse – 92nd Overall, 64th Male, 5th Male 16-19