Exceleration Members,


As many of you may have heard the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is working on a new Aquatics Services Strategy, called VanSplash.  The purpose of this strategy is to plan for aquatic services over the next 25 years in the City of Vancouver.


A first draft of the recommendations for VanSplash are being presented for public consideration.  There is a report, an open house and an on-line survey.  We would highly recommend reading the report http://vancouver.ca/vansplash as there is some inaccurate information circulating. The on-line survey is only open until October 8th and the last Open House is scheduled for October 2, 2017 4 to 7 pm at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre, 1050 Beach Avenue.  Please fill out the on-line survey and attend open house if possible.  Your input is important.


In the draft proposal Templeton pool is slated to be decommissioned.  Templeton pool will only be closed once a new facility is built at Britannia, which is quite a few years in the future.  Both Templeton and Britannia pool are nearing the end of their serviceable lives and need replacement. The new Britannia Pool is being considered as a Community-scale and it should be large enough to handle users of both existing pools.


The Board of Exceleration is in the process of determining how these changes will impact Exceleration in the future.


If you have any further concerns please contact me at



Thanks for your assistance.


Bronwen Mears

President, Exceleration Triathlon and Multisport Society